Romano-Saxon Thoughts and Finds

I was reading up on Roman castras for Romano-Saxon War, part 7, and I decided to take a break by looking for pictures of them. The picture here is NOT a Roman castra. A castra is a Roman fortress. I'm not sure, but reason tells me castra is the Latin root word for the English... Continue Reading →


Romano Saxon War thoughts

I just finished writing part 6 of the Romano-Saxon War for Twilight Histories. It's about to get even darker, twistier, and I've been brainstorming with my friend and fellow Air Force Academy alumnus and history major, Brad Post. And we have a great adventure still to come in the story. I have the entire... Continue Reading →

2018 Winning Story

Hello! Well, I'm fresh off a brief beach vacation and a hand full of wins at the Oklahoma Writing Federation conference earlier this month. I'm excited to share the winning stories with you. Here is the link to the spoken version of the story: God and Moses...A Deleted Scene, winner of the 2nd place prize!... Continue Reading →

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