A Day in the Life of Josh Hutchins

Me and madiI’m not even sure this will be entertaining, but I’m going to write it as if it’s unbelievably riveting. A day in my life. This day, in fact. September 15, 2017.

I woke up at 5:45 to a special alarm on my phone. It’s titled: Don’t be a fat ass. The idea is to motivate me to get on the elliptical machine or exercise somehow. This morning, I pressed snooze…I normally do. Three seconds later, my 6:15 alarm begins blasting “Fight Song” by Marylin Manson. Impossible to sleep through it.

Three kids to prepare for the day, Emily (13), Lily (7), and Madi (2). Normally, Madi meets me on the staircase, gleefully announcing how she’s already pooped in the potty and she’s ready to watch cartoons. How can I resist that? A minute later, she has a small bowl of Very Berry Kix cereal, and seated on the couch, eyes unblinking at Little Einsteins or Sofia the First. Meanwhile, I make the coffee, and the bacon. It seems like a whirlwind of “Get your shoes on!” and “Where is your backpack?” and we are all frog marched out the door.

Lily and Madi rode with me, and we busied ourselves with a discussion on how the moon changes shape, punctuated with calls for Smashing Pumpkins and Glitch Mob coming from Madi.

After I delivered the evil genius and her sidekick, I went to the recycling center. I took a few minutes to check my Facebook page and play a round of Clash Royale on my phone. But, by 8:15, I was all business…moving things around with the forklift. I replaced a few electrical relays on the cardboard baler, and tested it. Once I was satisfied, I saddled up Kermit, and we rode off into the city of Tahlequah to collect the recycling from a couple dozen commercial customers. I like Fridays. They always seem low-stress for me. After I finished the route, I dropped some books off at the library, delivered two recycling bins for new customers, picked up a newspaper and read it over a hamburger. Immediately after, I took Kermit to the car wash. We had a hot date with dozens of school kids coming up.

I was sure to be at Greenwood elementary by 12:15 for a presentation about recycling to the 2nd graders. We crushed some boxes in the back of Kermit, and did some Q&A. Afterwards, I parked Kermit back at the recycling center and went to my wife’s office. There, she tasked me with some deposits and other errands. It was about this time I caught up on my podcasts for the day. There was a History of England episode, as well as one for China. Then there was a Freakonomics podcast, followed by several shows of The Economist. On the way home, I listed to Blood Chit turned up loud.

Once I arrived, it was about 3:00. I had a minor electrical issue to handle at the house, but as soon as I was able, I climbed onto the little red Massey Ferguson tractor and began raking the hay on our field. Unfortunately, the field is an enormous dead zone, so I was unable to listen to any podcasts. The tractor is too loud to hear anything really. Besides, I needed time with my thoughts. I normally listen to nothing when I’m on a tractor.

There is one corner of the field, however, that gets reception. Nearly every time I’d pass through there, I’d get pinged with a text message or something. It took several laps, but during that time, Marcia and I’d coordinated our evening as well as a small gathering of friends at our house, around a campfire. By the time I’d finished, it was just before 5:00. I parked the tractor, mowed a portion of the lawn around where the campfire would be, then took a shower.

We had to leave the house before 6:15 if we had any hope of being on time. We set the kids up with movies and leftovers, our sitter took charge, and we left the house promptly at 6:20.

Once we arrived in town at the AMC, we were greeted by the friendly faces of the Tahlequah Community Playhouse. A filling dinner, engaging discussion with warm company, and an outstanding performance, and it was nearly 10:00.

By the time we got home, the kids were all asleep. Marcia soon followed, and I started a new pot of coffee. Lots to do before bedtime still. First, I drove up to the wood shop, selected several pieces of scrap wood, and began sawing and sanding them until I had them all at the right specs. When I got back to the house, everyone was sawing their own logs. (Guffaw) I wasn’t sure about using the air compressor, but I didn’t really have any choice. Luckily, it woke only Ike. And he simply replied by finding another, more distant, patch of floor to lay on. I tacked the boards around the door frames, and called it a night for noisy work.

It was then pushing midnight. I retired to my office and checked my Facebook page again. I messaged my Blood Chit band mate and briefly discussed a new song. I had an email from my Basic Title Examination instructor, informing me of some additional reading for Wednesday’s class, and I took a half hour to finish it.

About that time every night, I need a stretch. I went upstairs and checked on my three sleeping demons…I mean, my three sleeping angels. I like hearing them sleep. More coffee calls my name, and I head back to my desk. There, I do some reading for my First Amendment class Monday. Then I tinker with the Rubik’s cube, watch a video about replacing a part on my truck, and message the guy at Twilight Histories Podcast.

By now, it’s 1:30…time to start winding down. I type a brief summary of my day, and publish it, as if anyone in the world gives a damn about how I spend my time. Then, I turn off my computer, and go to bed.

But, even then, I can’t sleep. By the dim light of a small lamp, I open the memoirs of Marcia’s grandfather, which he wrote only a few years before he died, and pick up where I left off. My 2:30 alarm sounds, reminding me to read my Bible, and go to bed. By 3:00, I’m staring at a dark ceiling, trying to blank my mind. But, I can’t stop my thoughts from straying into historical adventures and lively debates. Sometimes, often times in fact, I’ll think of ways to be more engaged with my girls’ lives and education. Soon after, I chastise myself for not doing the same with Marcia. What will tomorrow bring?

I close my eyes, and a couple seconds later, my 5:45 alarm sounds…


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