A Shout Out to the Internet

Rubik's Cube

My 7-year-old came to me earlier this year and handed me her scrambled Rubik’s cube. She asked me to solve it…you know…put it back like the picture above. She asked me with the notion that it would be as simple as opening a jar of pickles. “Here dad, open this.” I guess I should be flattered that she thinks I’d be so powerful. I fiddled with it for all of five minutes before I called in the cavalry: the internet.

We all know the internet has changed our lives…blah, blah, blah. But, I’ve found very real and useful ways that the internet has helped me. Youtube videos: I built a significant portion of my house by referencing youtube videos…seriously. I’d never insulated a house before…but someone on youtube had done it. I’d never installed a gas-powered clothes dryer…but youtube had someone who knew how. I’ve changed headlight bulbs in my cars the easy way, thanks to youtube. I learned how to do a Rubik’s cube…thanks to the geeks who post their tutorials on youtube.

I’ve come to value myself far less than before though, because I don’t have any useful skills that I could post on youtube to help others around the world. What am I supposed to do? Post videos of myself shouting at my Facebook feed? Verbally assaulting other drivers from the safety of my own car? A video of me reading a book? Frying an egg?

Maybe if I had a nice cyst on my back, and popped it on video…THEN, I could add to the sum of knowledge on youtube.

Oh well…I’ll just bask in my normalcy and mediocrity…waiting for that small ingrown hair on my shoulder to turn into Youtube gold.

#rubik’scube #youtube #poppingzits


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