Romano Saxon War thoughts

I just finished writing part 6 of the Romano-Saxon War for Twilight Histories. It’s about to get even darker, twistier, and sinister…er. I’ve been brainstorming with my friend and fellow Air Force Academy alumnus and history major, Brad Post. And we have a great adventure still to come in the story. I have the entire story outlined to its terminus at episode ten…yes, TEN!

I just wanted to share some pictures that have helped either inspire the characters and plot, or have been a part of my research. Plus, I can’t forget the books I’ve read lately, which have also contributed. No lie, in the last year, I’ve read the following books, and I recommend them all:

1632 The Ring of Fire


1634 The Baltic War

1635 The Eastern Front

1636 The Saxon Uprising

1636 The Ottoman Onslaught

1635 A Parcel of Rogues

1634 The Galileo Affair

1635 The Papal Stakes

Ready Player One

A Game of Thrones

Clash of Kings

Storm of Swords

Feast for Crows

Dance with Dragons

Old Man’s War

Forever War


Fall of Hyperion

If you’ve made it this far without clicking on another tab, you really need to get a life. There is something, with me anyway, deeply fascinating about alternate history. I love reading it, writing it, talking about it, even doing mental war games with fellow history fans. If you have enjoyed Roman Saxon War so far, please let me know. Tell me who your favorite character is. What is your favorite moment? What do you think will happen in the next ten episodes?

Even better, become a member of the Twilight Histories. It’s cheaper than a root canal in Somalia, cheaper than fifty tons of snow in Canada, and cheaper than having a sebaceous cyst removed by a doctor in Bangladesh. Once you’re a member, you’ll have access to the entire back catalogue of episodes. Plus there are member’s episodes and bonus episodes in addition to the shows you get for free.  (insert hypnotic suggestion here) Do it.

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