Romano-Saxon Thoughts and Finds

Markinch church by Bob Marshall

I was reading up on Roman castras for Romano-Saxon War, part 7, and I decided to take a break by looking for pictures of them. The picture here is NOT a Roman castra. A castra is a Roman fortress. I’m not sure, but reason tells me castra is the Latin root word for the English word: castle. I’ve been wrong before though.

The picture above is a painting of the Markinch Church under construction during the 12th century. The church stands to this day in Fife, Scotland. The painting is by a man named Bob Marshall. I didn’t ask for permission to share the picture, but I’m being sure to give him credit for it. It’s beautiful…striking. It’s just BEGGING to have a Twilight History episode, or perhaps a Brutal Tales episode written about it.

I’ve got story ideas already, but I’d love to hear and discuss yours.

#amwriting #scifi #althistory #brutaltales


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