My name is Josh Hutchins. My life isn’t glamorous, but I have lived more in my years than most people have. I’ve been in the Army and the Air Force. I’m a 2002 graduate of the US Air Force academy, with a degree in history. I served as a nuclear launch crew commander and left the Air Force as a Captain in 2007. I’ve worked as a newspaper ad salesman, a Realtor, a bouncer at a strip club, mowed lawns, fixed lawnmowers, flipped burgers, washed dishes at a Chinese restaurant, loaded feed sacks, managed a delivery department, hauled hay, collected trash and recycling, operated a forklift, built a house, jumped out of an airplane five times, drove a tank, won a court case, written a novel, sired children, used a bulldozer and a backhoe, shot and killed animals, ridden a motorcycle, cut down trees with a chainsaw, played the guitar and sang in a rock band, been a firefighter, acted on stage, did auto body repair, had a mowhawk, made my own biodiesel, brewed my own beer, raced lawnmowers, farted in public and blamed it on one of my daughters, ran for public office, started a company, and more that I’ve probably forgotten.

This blog is an attempt to purge my brain of the glut of crazy thoughts. To put those thoughts on paper, present them to the world, then await your savagery. You cannot hurt my feelings. The more viscous and calloused your comments, the more likely I’ll…I’ll, give you…something. I don’t have much to give. I’ll just give ten points to Gryphonndor. How’s that?

Thank you for visiting. Please check out my podcast, Tales of Yesterday’s Tomorrow, as well as my band, Blood Chit. Lastly, hop over to my friend’s page, for even more dark travels through time.




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