2018 OWFI honoree. “How to Survive a Siege”

The Oklahoma Writers' Federation honored me with third place for this blog. Enjoy...   How to Survive a Siege The art of killing and conquering for profit has been a part of the human experience from time immemorial. We’ve all heard war stories…stories of pain and suffering. But, never are these tales so pronounced as... Continue Reading →


2018 Winning Story

Hello! Well, I'm fresh off a brief beach vacation and a hand full of wins at the Oklahoma Writing Federation conference earlier this month. I'm excited to share the winning stories with you. Here is the link to the spoken version of the story: God and Moses...A Deleted Scene, winner of the 2nd place prize!... Continue Reading →

Over 1,000 Downloads!

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and listened. The podcast is growing! I have a new Twilight Histories Podcast episode in the recording phase, as well as the roll-out of a new alt-history series here on Brutal Tales. I've entered my novel "The Abraham Initiative" and five short stories into the #OWFI writing contest.... Continue Reading →

The Choker

A bit of Flash Fiction for the upcoming OWFI conference. The Choker “Mrs. Dowel, do you know what this is?” The lawyer asks, holding a strange device overhead as he struts about the courtroom. “N…no.” “You’re not even looking at it, Mrs. Dowel.” I lift my head, but quickly look away. I squeeze my lips.... Continue Reading →

The Eastern Front and Ironclad Miantonomoh

It's here, folks. Three hours of alternate history content...just begging to worm its way into your brain. In The Eastern Front, something goes awry, and you find yourself mixing it up with Germans and Russians during WWI. In Ironclad Miantonomoh, you'll go aboard a post civil war American warship, crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Follow the... Continue Reading →

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